Sentell Solutions  - Sales Team Program - make a few thousand $$ with only a few phone calls.   We are looking for partners that have a network of potential investors.      

Summary: Sponsor an investment into our properties from friends, family, colleagues, or yourself for $2k to $50k.    In return, get an immediate 10% bonus, and in 9 months you get the principal back plus 50% to distribute to yourself and the investors you sponsored.

CURRENT SPECIAL OFFER this week to kickstart the team: instead of the typical 10% immediate cash commission, I'll pay 20%.     ie: for $10k collected, I'll give $2k.       Max of $4k paid (or $20k investment).  

Example: You gather $10k in commitments that get deposited into Sentell Solutions bank once all contracts are signed.   This can be from one person, or a group of people.   Each person investing will get a separate promissory note contract related to their contribution.   On your first deal you will receive a Joint Venture agreement dictating the terms of your relationship with us.   

In return for a $10k investment .... you get: 

  1. $1000 right back to you as an immediate commission*.   ($1k for every $10k raised / $100 for every $1000 raised / etc.......).
  2. In 9 months* you get the principal back plus $5k more* for a total of $16k.  (9 months is the estimated time for completion and sale of the Peoples Street or Upland Drive houses.   The closing date of one of these properties is the trigger event for payoff / "$5k more" is based on a $10k initial investment)
  3. The named investors get the principal back directly, and the $5k interest is dispersed based on the agreement you had with them at time of investment (and spelled out in our contracts).

Suggested offer: Find F&F who can give $2k to $30k.   Offer them 50% return - APR, deferred payment until the 6-12 months sale occurs, full annual payment even if an early close.   You then get 10% immediately for your troubles.    Or try to stretch it and make some of the return money yourself if you can get them in for less than 50% (anything over 20% is a great return rate, so this is very do-able).  


To learn more about the money we are trying to raise and why, read here for the other offer I am giving directly to my F&F.   Let me know any questions and thanks!



You are part of the team...


We want to give you access to the data and our knowledge - the plans & designs, the status of the build, and the projected stats for your money. Updates are pushed weekly, but state data is always available to pull down as well.  And if you are an active investor of any $$ amount, you get invited to our house closing dinner parties!