Sentell Solutions  - Investment program     

Looking for investors - get 30% and early access to our next big deal (we have a gap need of $20k total group funding).   

ALSO looking for people who know investors and have the people skills to get their attention. - make good commission helping us raise money. 

Offer 1 - home renovation sponsor: 

Investor: 30% return after 8 months.    Sales commission: 10%

Offer 2 - Quick Cash gap investor: expired / currently not offered.   if interested in future high paying gap investments let me know and we'll keep you notified     


2017 saw the closeout of our 8th renovation of 1920s houses and an East Austin award for preservation.   We currently have 4 active renovations, 2 new builds, and 3 upcoming exciting renovations that are just entering the design stage.   From there we have some AMAZING projects and early investors get first preference when we make offerings for those other projects.     Sometimes timing gets skewed, and sometimes we build faster than our construction draws... like now.     The financing roller coaster is part of construction in Austin, and over the next 2 months we have house sales and construction draws to take us clear to the finish - but in the meantime need the gap funding..    Here's a sample of the promissory note that the lender would get - and it would include a penalty clause so that interest continues to accrue if additional delays should happen.  Learn more about our projects at Sentell Solutions.    Contact me if you want to dig deeper into the details of our past or future projects, I'm happy to share our lender packages.

Call me if you have a bite.   Or email and I'll get back to you ASAP.