Welcome to our simple portfolio. Scroll down to see houses we are working on, and have completed. Contact us if you have an older house that you are looking to stay in, or sell. 

Our focus is in rehabilitating homes and preserving neighborhood character. Our team dedicates time and hard work into creating beautiful residences that provide a strong sense of community and depict the charm of Austin culture.

We can manage or consult on the city permitting, architectural or interior design, and/or all phases of rehab/construction. We are open to creative financing options, if needed. Our primary goal is to maximize the happiness you can get out of your older home. Additionally, we would like to help make your house and property more valuable in a way that would discourage demolition should you need to sell.

Check out a recent interview about our preservation projects.

Current Projects


7 houses from the 1920s on less than 1/2 acre of land, these are beauties (at least in their core). They would have been demolished by practically every other investor. I don't do that. I wanted to restore their old beauty and history, even though it meant surrendering much profit.


301 1/2 NAVASOTA →

We partnered with Loved Homes to transform this ramshackle structure which was about to demolish itself naturally. Even so, we'll incorporate it's charming porch and small lot amnesty into a front yard restoration of the 500 sq foot house joined to an 1100 sq foot extension in the back. It takes advantage of the large Oak courtyard and will have a 2nd floor rooftop deck with a view of downtown. Tastefully done with respect for the neighbors' houses and views.



Upcoming Projects

navasota front

901 Spence Street

We first had our eye on this gorgeous classic about a year ago, and are super happy to have finally secured the deal. 901 was built in the 20s when it was an on demand property on East Avenue. Now it's adjacent to I-35, but we see the downtown view, history, and easy access location (to downtown, town lake, and east side) as a major positive.



More info coming soon...

1407 Newton

Even just 2 blocks from Guerros on the super hot South Congress, this house was in bad enough shape that nobody wanted to buy it (and way too small of a lot for the McMansion guys to move in on). Now it's a beautiful rental house with charm to spare, and more on the way. 


909 W Annie

I'm kind of cheating here because this is the house I currently live in, but it was going to get demolished in 2009 before I acquired the "dump" and not only saved its old bones, but exposed all the 1920s longleaf pine floors and shiplap walls and ceilings. It was "falling down".... well, that's why you put in new pier and beam. My favorite house in Austin, I don't see myself leaving. Check out more about this home here.


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