2016 Peoples Street - 2700 sq ft, 5 bed/4 bath.. Estimated completion date Sep/Oct 2019. A hilltop corner lot on a quiet community street, walking distance to three hubs of restaurants & shops (11th St, Weberville, & E 6th/7th). Two monster Post Oak trees in the front, gated parking & garage, basement apartment, rooftop deck w/ 360 Austin views, margarita pool, oversized kitchen, 10 foot ceilings.

May 19th status update - It was a wet couple weeks that set a few things back but we’ve used the time for prep and smaller misc tasks. As soon as our draw hits the bank on the 20th we’re ordering the rest of the roof decking, tyvek, siding, and rooftop deck trusses.

Exterior - 2nd dump truck of rocks for the basement backfill delivered and installed. Next up: finish the back wall and start on the final section. Probably 2 more dump trucks of rock.

Framing - Roofing rafters and more decking. HVAC duct runs. Closet and stair buildouts. Next up: Wrap it up. Literally. And roof decking finish and window order prep.

Electric - Interior done (all remaining lights and runs). Next up: Setting up panels and calling in for inspection.

HVAC - Furnaces and copper installed. Duct runs prepped. Next up: some dead time then running ducts.

—- IMAGES: HVAC room, can lights and fan boxes, hip and king rafters, kitchen layout finalized for electric and cabs —-

May 4th status update -

Exterior - Waterproofing & Drainage solutions for the basement begin on April 29th after a couple rain delays. This week: Completion of drainage, backfill, and driveway leveling (weather permitting).

Framing - All interior rooms framing is completed, as well as the structural tie-ins of old to new parts of the house. Roofing of the original structure begins and 30% of the rafters & decking is completed. This week: Completion of roofing, and dry-in. Next Week: top floor frame-out.

Electric - Rough electrical wiring to all rooms is completed. This week: final rough finishes and panel tie-ins.

HVAC - Acquisition of 2 furnaces & HVAC room build-out is completed. This week: furnace installs & all ducting commences on Tuesday.

—- IMAGES: interior room framing, and exterior drainage / backfill —-

April 5th status update -

Stairs headers and frame-out. Final structural framing (trusses, LVLs, decking, sheathing). Main level electrical wiring.

—- IMAGES: View from what will be the 2nd floor deck. A rooftop deck on top of this floor will give downtown & 360 views. —-