At Sentell Home Solutions, our focus is on the restoration of classic Austin homes and the preservation of neighborhood character and its residents. At the same time we recognize the progress of Austin and embrace the challenge of density and affordable housing, and think that all these concepts can be achieved harmoniously. We keep classic original craftsmanship as part of our design and highlight the beautiful trees in your yard instead of tearing them down. Great views are always incorporated.

COLLABORATE with us on design options for unique build projects - whether as a land stakeholder, investor, or a trade partner.  Increase the value of your property.. for your own enjoyment or before selling.   Or make your property a revenue generator that allows you to stay in YOUR neighborhood…. by adding a rental unit or by selling off a part of your lot.

Besides whole-house renovations and builds, our specialties include:

  • low cost design and plans

  • city permitting - efficiently and affordably navigating the city of Austin process

  • pier & beam foundation leveling

  • driveways, utilities in street, and other Right of Way and concrete work

  • fun and spacious Showers - including attached outdoor showers. full bath design and remodels.

  • rooftop decks and other tools to maximize your views

  • attic build-outs - get extra square footage out of your house and lot


Contact us if you are interested in acquiring or investing in our current or future projects.

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5 BedRoom/4 Bath

This is a 1939 home with an incredibly unique open vaulted ceiling made of the original shiplap roofing material.    The roof, layout, and flooring is rehabbed, and then we restore the siding and front facade to the original based on neighbor feedback and old pictures.   In the rear, there is a large addition including a basement garage and game room, as well as a rooftop deck. The resulting 5 bedroom (optional down to 3 for more open space) / 4 bath home is unique in size and character. The house sits on an equally unique corner lot with 2 monster heritage Post Oaks in the front and 360 full horizon views including Downtown directly to the West.    


Garden Square

7 houses from the 1920s on less than 1/2 acre of land - full restorations with master bath additions.


901 spence st.

3 Bedroom / 2.5 Bath

We first had our eye on this gorgeous classic about a year ago, and are super happy to have finally secured the deal. 901 was built in the 20s when it was an on demand property on East Avenue. Now it's adjacent to I-35, but we see the downtown view, history, and easy access location (to downtown, town lake, and east side) as a major positive.


1407 Newton

Just 2 blocks from Guerro's on South Congress, this house was in bad enough shape that nobody wanted to buy it (and way too small of a lot for the McMansion guys to move in on). Now it's a beautiful rental house with charm to spare, and more on the way. 


909 W Annie

This beauty was going to get demolished in 2009 before we acquired the "dump" and not only saved its old bones, but exposed all the 1920s longleaf pine floors and shiplap walls and ceilings.

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